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Hump Day: April 3rd

Hello readers!

Although Spring is warming up to us, that doesn’t mean whip out your shorts and tank tops for a night out because you will quickly regret that decision once the sun sets. For the most part, it is going to be sunny this weekend with temperatures in the mid-50s. An essential clothing item that would be great for any occasion you have planned this weekend is a sheer top.

Sheer tops come in a wide range of colors and styles. You can either go with the pastel look to match with your nail polish selection from earlier this week or stick with black for a dressier event. Depending on where you have to go, you can pair this top with pants, shorts, a blazer on top or whatever you feel is necessary!

The sheer top is a great way to not show too much skin, but is light enough for Spring.

tumblr_m3f9ksiHGs1r1mgulo1_500 tumblr_mb469ohRRt1rsgvaao1_250 tumblr_mko4u02cdA1s6by7fo1_500

This is a type of look you would wear during the day but you could also dress it up with a pair of heels for night time!


If you didn’t get to rock our cropped jeans look from last weekend, you can also pair these two items together for a great outfit.


For a dressier event, you can dress up the sheer look in a tasteful manner that will have heads turning in a good way!

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We hope everyone has a great weekend and gets to take advantage of the Spring weather! ‘Til next Wednesday, trim readers.

(All photos were taken from tumblr and pinterest).


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