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Hump Day: March 27th

Hey readers!

Slowly but surely, cropped-everything season is creeping up on us. Before we let the few rays of sunshine we’ve been witnessing get to our heads and start whipping out our shorts and tank-tops, let’s take it down a notch because the temperatures we’ll be enduring this weekend still don’t call for that sort of clothing. However, for those of you that can’t wait to start wearing cropped clothing, we have just the thing you can wear this weekend that can keep you dressed appropriate for the weather that also gives off a little taste of spring.

A pair of cropped pants is the perfect thing to focus your outfit around this weekend. This sort of clothing item keeps your legs covered in the midst of spring warming up to us and also shows some skin to the point where we can say “bye-bye” to winter.

What’s great about this essential clothing item is that you can dress it up or down, for whichever occasion you have going on this weekend. It is perfect for pairing with a stiletto for a night out on the town with the girls, or a loose button-down for Saturday afternoon errands.

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Cropped pants come in a ton of colors that allow you to bring that pop of color to your outfit that is perfect for spring because we know you’re all tired of the wintery colors every weekend.

3e324528731824b870c4c8f55e62e94e b805f24b52a319f62df7776007f08e23(without the flip flops of course)

Well there you have it, ladies! Cropped pants are the way to go this weekend, you can wear them in so many different ways that it’s almost impossible to go wrong with them!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Be safe. Keep calm & wear cropped pants, the warm weather will be here in no time!

(All photos were taken from tumblr and pinterest).


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