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A Knight Out: Mike’s Courtside

Hey readers!

It’s Thursday, yet again, and for those of you that decided to stay local during Spring Break, we’re going to help you get a great start to your weekend. This week, we’re featuring Mike’s Courtside Sports Bar & Grill! Located in downtown New Brunswick, 1 Elm Row is home to the local bar that offers plenty of weekly events.

Considering that Spring is slowly creeping up on us, we thought this would be a wonderful place to mention because of the outdoor seating they offer. What better way to spend your Saturday afternoon sipping an ice cold beer, enjoying the warm sun or you can stick around for “Stoli Saturdays!”



More events Mike’s Courtside offers aside from their weekly Stoli Saturdays are Margarita Mondays, Flavor Fridays and even Karaoke night! Their fairly priced menu offers a wide array of food from salads to delicious pasta to hearty burgers! The lively atmosphere is a perfect place for Rutgers students and local residents to have a good time with friends and enjoy the music.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Got any suggestions about your favorite places? Let us know!



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