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Hump Day: March 20th

Hey readers!

We know you’re all fed up with the cold, but not to worry because this week we have just the thing to wear to keep you looking fabulous and warm! High-waisted pants and shorts have been everywhere within every season. Considering the chilly temperatures we’re going to be experiencing this weekend, the clothing item that we thought would be essential and perfect for every considerable outfit is a pair of riding pants.

For those of you that don’t know what they are, they’re basically just a pair of high-waisted pants that are made of a thick material and sometimes have either a different color or a different kind of material surrounding the knee area because they’re supposed to be worn for riding horses and such. Whoever came up with the idea of wearing them out in public with the sole purpose of looking fab–kudos.

Anyway, my personal favorite happens to be the pair that you can find at American Apparel. They’re a little pricey but well-worth the money. With these pants you can dress them with a  baggy shirt, a crop-top with a jacket, a bodysuit, almost anything! They’re super comfortable and come in several colors.


For the weekend, you can pair these bad boys with a cute top and since it’ll be cold, throw on a leather jacket or blazer.

36ab8b340ea694d22002abd47a1dfce2pants tumblr_ly0igdkxhy1r88e1bo1_400

If you’re expecting to go to a lunch or some place casual or a local bar, fret not because you can also dress the pants down.

5055e864e0a74838c86401e8fb0fe556 tumblr_lusbzqVt2B1qd1qgs tumblr_lyyb62kyHT1r88e1bo1_400

Now for those of you that rush to get ready to go out, maybe after a job or event that finishes late, these pants are the go-to clothing item. Pair them with a sheer top of some sort that won’t make you too hot on the dance floor and you’re good to go! tumblr_lufaxnBr4X1qesmcoo1_500

There ya go! Hope you all enjoyed. Until next time, readers. Have fun and stay safe!

(All photos were taken from Tumblr and Pinterest)


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