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Weekly Wears: March 17th

Hello readers,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of our Irish readers, and those of you who like to pretend just for the festivities. Hope you’re all having a fun and safe start to your spring break.

It seems as though Mother Nature is stillllllll not ready to let go of winter yet. This week will be full of chilly temperatures, clouds, and maybe a wintery mix here and there. Even though this isn’t the ideal spring break weather, don’t let that ruin your wardrobe. We all know you have extra time on your hands this week to spend getting dressed.

To stay warm this week try pairing a faux fur vest with any outfit.

e997209d3530bc937ca41bbf5871b5dbA jean top underneath a faux fur vest is the perfect combination because both pieces of clothing will keep you warm no matter what the weather, and the different fabric textures perfectly complement each other.

e0ace0aa7d6fbd70ce2beca44dbce63fA flannel is another great top to cover with a faux fur vest. Flannels are made to keep you warm in winter weather and the faux fur will add another layer.

42d5c4efb4f9ef26929abbd3b881011aPairing black basics and some heavy jewelry with the vest makes a classy outfit great for work or an interview.

0a041576c0422f2b7f43d4e0959b797dFor a super casual look grab some colored jeans and a white tee. The faux fur vest will dress it up a little bit, while the combat boots will keep this look super comfortable and convenient.

Well dolls, hope you find this weeks’ Weekly Wears helpful and enjoy the rest of your spring break!

(This post does not support the killing or cruelty of animals, nor reflect the direct views of Trim Magazine)

(All pictures taken from, follow us!)


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