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Hump Day: March 13th

Hey there, dolls!

Well if it isn’t the biggest hump day of them all, the last one before spring break! I know you are all extremely excited to finally be done with midterms and have a week chock-full of beautiful nothingness (I know I am!).  Since the weather has been ignoring our wishes for sun and warmth, we’re going to do the same and ignore the slight possibility of rain and wear what we please. However, before you all go out there strutting your stuff, our post this week is going to show you the tasteful way to wear the on-going trend of cut-outs.

As we all know, cut-outs are everywhere. They’re in our shirts, dresses, and even pants. Unfortunately, not all outfits that contain this element are worth wearing out, or even buying.

People tend to make the mistake of wearing clothing that have cut-outs in ALL the wrong places. So first, we’re going to show you what NOT to do.



definitely no,


and no thank you.tumblr_mji6ongUDm1rnnyhwo1_500

I know, that was hard to look at. Now that you know what not to do, we’re going to show you how you can take cut-outs and wear them so that they are appealing, and easy on the eye.

If you enjoy cut-outs on your pants, then this is definitely the way to go. Subtle cut-outs on colored pants highlight the entire outfit, and compliment the cut-out trend very well.


Lately, it’s crosses galore, and the combination of the cut-outs along with it make for a super cute top that you can dress up or dress down.tumblr_mbyaj9cY6Y1rv3tq7o1_500

Cut-out tops can be tricky to find because some may be too short or excessive in the cut-out area, but tops such as these cover all the important parts, and extenuate the waist. tumblr_memj9fjVb91rmaxrho1_250

It’s still a bit cold out there, but that doesn’t mean cut-outs can’t be worn. Cut-outs along the shoulder and arm are tasteful and can still keep you warm.tumblr_mfgsa39GYm1qknjj0o1_500

This maxi dress has cut-outs in the all the right places and gives some shape to the dress because sometimes these dresses can be boxy and unflattering. Pair it with the denim jacket we suggested early this week and you’ll be ready for a Saturday brunch with the girls.


This dress is the way to go for a dressier occasion. The extremely low cut-out is dramatic, but very appealing. Throw on your stilettos and you’ll be ready to mingle.  tumblr_mda5462fVo1rfop02o1_400

Well there you all have it! We hope this helped you. Keep pushin’, Spring Break is almost here! Have fun and stay safe.


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