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New York Fashion Week

Hello fashionable friends,

As February comes to a close, we at Trim Magazine would like to take a moment to reflect on the latest trends coming off the Fashion Week runway. This year, however, I had the amazing opportunity to work at Fashion Week and I figured why not share my experiences with all of our lovely readers?

The first thing I have to say I noticed was that the models aren’t the only people at the event wearing amazing outfits. The street style and sophisticated outfits of the attendees were truly amazing. Some big trends that I noticed were unique colored tights under shorts or jump suits, topped off with a great pair of heels. Boots were another big trend hitting the streets around Lincoln Center, from riding boots to Louboutins, this trend was definitely prevalent throughout the venue. Some guests decided to take their outfits a little further and jump right into spring styles. I saw a lot of colorful patterns. It seems that polka dots, animals, and bright stripes will definitely be taking over New York City this spring and summer season.

As for the experience itself, it was exactly that, an experience. Something I will forever look back on and cherish. Not only did I get to see the inner-workings of Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week, from set up to tear down; I also got to experience socialites,editors, buyers, photographers, bloggers, and celebrities. All aspects of the industry were gathered in one place and I felt like I could just stand in one spot, spin in circles, and absorb everything around me. The moment I sat down at my first fashion show I could feel all of the love and hard work that each designer put into the collection; it made all of the long hours of intern work definitely worth it. These designers love what they do, they are passionate artists, and to see their dreams come to fruition is truly an inspiring experience. I’ve always over looked the moment at the end of the fashion show when designers come out and bow or wave, however, being in the audience watching them walk onto that runway, their face says it all. They feel accomplished and thankful, and truly love their jobs.

The experience all together was inspiring and amazing. I was able to attend two runway shows, Bibhu Mohapatra and Rachel Zoe. I have to say I knew little about Mr. Mohapatra, but his show was breath-taking. On the other hand, Rachel Zoe is one of my favorite designers, and to see her show in real life was a dream come true. Check out some cool pictures from Fashion Week February 2013!

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