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NJ Skateshop

Trim Magazine writer, Allison Richman, had the opportunity to get an inside look at one of the most well-known skate shops in New Jersey. Allison investigated the history of skating in New Jersey and even the history of NJ Skateshop. NJ Skateshop is located on Easton Ave in New Brunswick, NJ.  Not only do they carry many famous brands, they are also very involved in their community. Walking into their stores, you find a wide variety of items from the surrounding areas in which their costumers live. The store really strives to please the costumer and make them feel welcome and at home. They carry all the basic needs for a skater, plus much, much, more.

In light of the recent natural disaster that has greatly affected New Jersey, NJ Skateshop has gone above and beyond to help out their state to stay “Jersey Strong”. They are not only collecting donations, they are also selling products promoting the Red Cross and hurricane relief programs. The store has also reached out to big brand names asking for contributions and donations. You can find many ways to help by logging onto their facebook page:

Here’s an inside look at Trim Magazine’s visit with NJ Skateshop:

Inside NJ Skateshop.
Photographed by Quay Farrar.

Alley outside of Mason Gross.
Photographed by Mike Kerslake.

Alley outside Mason Gross.
Photographed by Mike Kerslake.


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