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Rutgers Glee Club Concert

I went to my first Glee Club concert this weekend and holy heebee jeebees did  I like it. My friend Matt has been a part of Glee for some time now and I feel so ashamed that this is the first performance I’ve seen! It turns out I dropped in on the show of the year, as tons of alumni joined the stage with these studly men in black.

Turns out I took these pictures illegally. Sorry for the fuzzy foot and face, Mr. Conductor-man (My god, I should not be allowed to blog).

In the changing room. Oh, I think Matt is cursing me out at this particular moment.

Such beautiful music, I wish you all could have been there!

Apologies for the blur, it looks like I was drunk off music that night. Yes, I am incredibly corny. Who made me in charge of blogs again?

Be well me hearties!



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