Dancing with Gypsies: Thistles and Weeds

I cannot believe how much fun and how fantastic our shoot went with Gypsy Warrior! We spent the first part of our day outdoors, gallivanting through Rutgers Gardens with cameras and music in check. While it was a bit chilly, we still trucked through thistles and weeds (Mumford and Sons allusion?) to get the photos we needed. Our wonderful models Alexandra and Lenka were wearing close to nothing as they fluidly danced through their poses, one after another. I think we all kind of wished that it was at least 10 degrees warmer.

After we got the models’ hair and makeup ready, we drove over to the gardens. I would say that this was the more serious part of the day since everyone was starting to get to know each other.

Here are some of the photos me and Vicky shot while working outside:

This is a shot of all of us outside while we watched Lauren work her magic with the models. On the left we have Nicla and Michel and behind and in front of me (girl with the purple pants) is our fabulous makeup team.

Here's a shot of Lauren with Lenka and Alexandra in some really prickly looking woods. Oh boy was it hard to get around.

Our fabulous editors! Gino, Lauren, Laura and Kana, respectively.

The Gypsy team with Trim Magazine outside of Mason Gross

Gypsy Warrior accessories


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