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Stealing Lookbook Ideas for the Night

I can’t help myself. I always bum around this site stealing styles like it’s my job (it kind of is my job now though, isn’t it?).

So I stumbled across a few looks that I absolutely love and will very possibly be shimmying into in the not-so-distant future. So long as the weather gets warmer and the sun starts to shine, I will be strutting my stuff in at least some variation of these looks this spring.

[Hype her look! Oriental-Tropicana]

Look at what she’s rocking! Remember that awful era when people didn’t cinch their outfits at the waist? There is no fear of that with these high-waisted peacock-patterned red Romwe pants. And look at that delicate little belt. Cute outfits are usually the reason I beg for it to be springtime! These models on Lookbook also seem to be serving as a sort of “thinspiration” to get back into shape.


This next look is definitely something I’ve seen before, but I thought the leggings here were a little more daring than the norm. Again, just like my previous obsession with high-waisted pants, I see it again here and I have to tell you all, I also have an undying love for all these cute little Rokit hats I see popping up.

Anyway, as a perpetually functioning night-owl, I have to bid you all adieu, as I have barrels of work that need my attention.

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