Mmm, food!

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As a girl who only gets to eat once a day (I’m a busy gal), I often think about food a whole lot. So today is a lucky day, as I am going to take you all on a trip through my perpetual cravings… and possibly the cravings of others.

So I did a roundabout questioning of people’s favorite foods, and I received a slew of some pretty typical responses. I think it has something to do with the overall college community. My top three favorite responses? Mostly I just like them because I can show you some of the coolest concoctions!

1. Sandwiches

I’d like to call this The Avocado Surprise.

Best leftover sandwich I’ve ever seen! I always love when people get creative with their fridge food.

Avocados, smoked salmon, mint, green cilantro. Nom.

2. Empanadas

Soul de Cuba Empanadas

Breaded, beefy goodness!

3. Sushi/Sashimi

I just went the typical route with the sushi (there’s so much to choose from! — If I had it my way I’d always order a sushi boat). Which leaves me to ponder: Why are people so easily scared away by raw fish? Does this not look absolutely delicious?


Well, this seems to be one of those “cries from hunger” entries, which has led me to understand that I should not post before breakfast. If you’ve gotten this far though, please check out the Men’s Abode (I promise we’ll soon have something for our ladies too!), as this blog is primarily about fashion. You’ll certainly see styles that we approve of and perhaps some that we don’t like so much.

Anyway I must leave you all for I am about to raid my fridge; I am quite tired of salivating over my keyboard (ew, I can be so disgusting).

Keep it classy loves!



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