Trim Exclusive with The Front Bottoms

Here it is, everyone!

Front Bottoms

So this past Saturday our lovely team photographed The Front Bottoms’ concert in Hoboken, NJ (how exciting!). We had Laura interview the guys some questions, but I’ll only give you a snippet of the whole excursion — you’ll have to see the rest of the event (with more photos and goodies) in our premiere issue!

Laura: How did you guys get your name?

Brian: I got it from a movie. Its from a movie called Sexy Beast that is with Ben Kinsley and he uses the term. It was the first time I had heard the term used so I thought it was really funny so that is why I used. It.

Mathew: He called me and he was like, “I just saw this awesome movie and I heard this cool line and we should make a band–”

Laura: That is how he asked you to be in the band?

Mathew: Yeap, that is how the band started.

Laura: What are you musically inspired by?

Brian: Musically inspired by? Umm, friends. Just our friends, good times, beers.

Laura: Yeah you do have a song called “Beers.”

Brian: Hahaha, yeah you did your research over here. But yeah basically that is about it, right?

For more information about upcoming shows and events for The Front Bottoms, check out their website: The Front Bottoms

And not to overstimulate your senses, but go ahead and click on these nifty little play buttons, I promise you won’t regret it.

Oh and be sure to answer our poll questions. Our team wants to know all about you guys, so don’t be shy and give us your opinion! And not to worry, soon I’ll be posting about styles and our upcoming photo-shoot with Gypsy Warrior.


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